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20. Create an organized life and schedule with strategy! How time blocking and priorities can bring back JOY to your life and business!

September 30, 2021

One thing I've learned over the years, being a business owner, is I'm the most overwhelmed when I feel like I'm spinning in all different directions.   Life is so busy, and we can't possibly feel "on top of things" if we have no structure in our day or our week.  

I've created a system of time blocking that makes complete sense for a busy mom, wife and business owner.  I help you create boxes, talk about which to use first and why, and then I EVEN help you find time to bring back time for things YOU love, like gardening, cooking, reading, even a bubble bath!!  And date night?  What if you could have that again?!?  We find time for it all.  

Life is nuts...but your life doesn't have to be.  This method of strategy for my business and life has completely changed my outlook on building a schedule with EVERYTHING in it (yes, even down to my lunch time and my daily walk!) that helps me see that I can run a business, I can be organized at home, I can get all my chores done and the kids fed, AND I can bring joy and passion back to my life!  This is a game changer! 

I'll see you inside!...

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