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19. Are you feeling unmotivated? Why your lack of clarity may be the cause for your lack in motivation in your small business..

September 27, 2021

Its so easy these days to feel unmotivated and bogged down with the heaviness going on in the world.  We just want to hibernate.  Life, business, family, friends, work, all of it, its too much to get through sometimes.  

We still have plans and dreams and wishes, but they become distant pipe dreams that we know we won't ever accomplish. 

But, what if we could?  

Sometimes, we take big goals and dreams and think about tackling them, but that's when it becomes heavy on our minds and we quickly become overwhelmed.  With everything we are doing and taking on now, there isn't any way we could take on another goal.  But, what would breaking down that bigger goal, into smaller, attainable, 6-month goals do for you?  What if you could put the pieces together at even 1 month and start building that framework for the long term dream.  

Today, we talk specifically about not giving up, trading in un-motivation for a game plan and a road map and putting ALL of those goals into play, in VERY small, daily tasks.  Trust me on this one!  It will be a game changer for you, like its been for me!  

I'll see you inside!...

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